Three exciting things…

Three exciting things happened to day regarding my books.

1.  Dan Sinclair came over again.  He’s the 17 year old (almost 18 now!) who last time arrived on a skateboard and today arrived on a scooter.  He’s a whizz with social media and has helped me redesign my website. I completely redesigned it after he left last time (LOL) but he showed me how to use as a tool and now I can do anything I want to tweak the site.  Today he tweaked it further and even added a live chat option!  We think it’s now ready to promote, and that we will do next time he comes round, next Tuesday. In the meantime try it out for yourselves:

2.  I met Danielle Benson from dbPR, a PR company.  She introduced me to Dan Sinclair.  I decided to “speculate to accumulate” by employing her to use various PR methods to promote my eBook site.  I know it will leave me even further in the red than I already am (£700 from paying to have my earliest books scanned in and edited using OCR software) but I’m hoping that my sales will take off like a rocket and I’ll break even and even go into profit! That would be great!

3.  My publishers, Menucha, have accepted my latest AMI serial, Disappeared to be published as a book.  The editor wants some changes.  At first I was a bit puzzled why AMI would pass things that the publishers didn’t, but they explained that books are different and have different criteria.  So I’m going to knuckle down like a lamb and do the changes.

Three nice things all book related, in one day 🙂 Let’s hope they all bear fruit and increase the reach of my eBooks! 



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