Letting Go

This morning I made a monumental decision.  This course of action had been suggested to me previously by Raphael Freeman, but I had chosen not to follow it at the time. I guess I wasn’t ready.

It took a seventeen year old guy, who arrived at my house on a skateboard, baseball cap worn backwards, by the name of Dan Sinclair, to make me take the final jump.

Dan Sinclair had been employed by me to spend two hours helping me promote my eBook sites. 

The first thing he suggested was what Raphael had suggested a couple of weeks previously. “You have to change your website. Make it more of a portal through which people will go and buy your books, instead of just a self indulgent book about you and your family.” I am paraphrasing. No 17 year old whippersnapper would dare call my old website self indulgent.  But I digress.

My old website was wordy. It was bloated, with lots of sub pages.  I had section after section of Jewish FAQ’s. As someone said “people who want to know about Judaism and our customs, can find that out on aish.com, they don’t need your website.” And certainly the page about my long-dead hamster The Podge, could die along with the deceased rodent. He shuffled off this mortal coil thirteen years ago. His memoriam has, I think, run its course.

So all in all, in the words of my ex writing teacher Hill Slavid, “murder your babies.” In other words, edit, edit, cut ruthlessly.  Make the new website all about my writing, and sparsely worded at that.

I chose Wix.com to design the new site. It has great templates and my rather rusty HTML wasn’t needed at all.  I have had a slight issue in that my long standing hosting of my domain, ruthiepearlman.com has come rather abruptly to an end, and I had to not only design a new site, but transfer the domain.  I’m still not totally sure how the new site is going to point to my domain of ruthiepearlman.com or more importantly, how I’m going to get email through my domain, but hopefully all will be sorted eventually. 

Meanwhile, Dan Sinclair worked on one template, and left, having inspired me.  I have just spent the evening working on another. I think I like it better.  Please leave your comments.  The temporary address for my new site is http://ruthie26.wix.com/ruthiepearlman2

Oh and on the topic of covers, I have redesigned several of them.  I hope you think they are more professional too!


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