About Ruthie Pearlman

This blog is about me and my valiant attempts to get my books, some old, some new, into digital format, and up onto various e-book sites to give them a new lease of life.

I have been a writer ever since I could scribble, and had stuff published in various journals whilst still in primary school. (That’s grade school to you Americans).  But I didn’t get a whole book published until I was married with several children; maybe, thinking about it, I might even have been a first-time grandmother by the time my first ever book, Working it Out, was published.   So my “Overnight Success” was a long time coming.

I have always loved technology so for me, getting my books into e-book format and up on sites for “rebirth”, is just a natural progression of my love of computers and my early use of the Internet.  I’m still learning, though, and this blog catalogues my journey into the digital book world.  Please leave your comments whether they be encouraging or disparaging; I will always learn from you.

Ruthie Pearlman.


2 thoughts on “About Ruthie Pearlman

    1. ruthiepearlman Post author

      Depends what you’re expecting in return! I don’t pay anyone for ideas. My editor usually drops a few ideas into the pot when I’m about to start a new serial or novel. What I don’t want AT ALL, is an entire plot written for me that I just have to fill in the gaps. I don’t work like that. The germ of an idea that might spark my own ideas, that’s fine. Happy to hear ideas as long as you’re happy with me not liking your ideas and not getting upset about it.


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