Bringing my characters to life

I know I refer a LOT to Raphael Freeman. It’s just that, without either of us officially recognizing it as such, he has sort of become my unofficial, unpaid and unpaying publicist.  He’s obviously got a reason for this.  If my books get “out there”, he will benefit by more sales on

Raphael’s aim is to achieve the maximum marketing potential without spending a single penny in cash.  So far we have achieved this; well…the second part of it anyway! Not sure how much actual marketing we are achieving although I do agree a lot more people know about my e-books than did this time yesterday.

Firstly, I have created a Facebook author page.  Visit it and like it please!  I invited all my friends to like it and Raphael has invited all of his; he has a lot more friends than I do…over 800 I think!

That was all fine, the normal sort of thing you do to publicise yourself.  Then this morning he hit me with the weird thing.

He told me I have to bring my fictional characters to life, and make them join Facebook.

Yes, you heard me.

So, and don’t ask me how…just read today’s Metro…the story of the computer-generated little girl who trapped 4000 paedophiles whilst not even existing….

Colin and Leora Sommers now each have a Gmail account, a Facebook profile and even profile photographs.

They live, they breathe, they post!

Persuading my Facebook friends to friend them might be a step too far for my friends before they have me committed, but I’m trying!


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