Going digital!!!

This is my first blog post.

I’ve been a writer for as long as I can remember, and a published author since the late 1980’s but it is only in the past month or so that I’ve really looked into the options of putting my mostly out of print books onto e-book sites and giving them a whole new lease of life.  Once the idea was put into my head there was no stopping me. I’ve always been into technology but I must confess that the whole realm of digital downloads of books and more importantly, how to market myself once they’re up there, is a new world to me.

I think I just assumed that somehow people would get to hear about my Kindle Site, and the books on iTunes through renanabooks.com, would just happen by osmosis, but it seems that I actually have to be proactive and market myself, and Raphael Freeman of Renanabooks.com suggested that I get active on Twitter, and also that I start a blog.  So here I am!

My books have always had a good-sized following and some have even changed lives, so I’m told. I am hoping that in their new lease of life they will get an even larger following.

So go look on my Kindle Store on http://tinyurl.com/ppjcldh and go to http://www.renanabooks.com/author/Ruthie%20Pearlman and look for me there, download them and please put up reviews!  I’ll write more later about how I got the books up there, particularly the earliest books, which were written pre the computer age.


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